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Enrollement conditions of INAU

Admission through examination

Admission to 1st year of high studies in INAU is by competition. No possibility for direct admission in 2nd year is possible.

Enrollement conditions (see statuts)

  • To take the examination, candidates must hold a degree of engineering or of architect or a degree that gives access to at least one degree scale ranked No. 10 established by Decree No. 2 - 73-722 of 6 Hijjah 1393 (December 31, 1973), whose list is established by Order No. 961.95, 9 Rajab 1415 (December 12, 1995) and with at least four years of effective service after obtaining the One of the qualifications mentioned above.
  • No person may submit more than three times for the exam.
  • Candidates who were excluded from the Institute or who left without permission of the director can not take the examination.

Applications are submitted for consideration by the Research Department, which enforces the conditions of access to the institute.

The list of candidates to sit for the examination is decided by the Director of the Institute on a proposal by the Director of Studies.

Foreign students are admitted to the training course under the same conditions just as students who hold national degrees, after reviewing their records and an interview with a jury, and this only within 10% of available seats.

Foreign candidates have, exceptionally, 15 additional days to complete their registration.


  • Application Form addressed to the Director of INAU ;
  • Detailed description of the candidate's motivations for studies in territorial and urban planning ;
  • Permission to sit for the examination and to further study issued by the original administration (for staff); ;
  • Certified photocopies of diplomas ;
  • Curriculum vitae ;
  • 1 copy of birth certificate (dated within 3 months); ;
  • 4 passport photographs (small) ;
  • 3 stamped envelopes with address ;
  • Certified photocopy of CIN( national identity card) ;
  • Proof of four (4) years of effective service after graduation.

Exam Procedure

The exam takes place in two stages :

First stage :

Applicants will be notified by an mail to pass the written examination which is consisted of two tests :one test has a technical nature (data analysis), the other is in the form of a reflection on a theme related to the Territorial and Urban Planning, Environment and Housing.

Second stage :

The results of the written examination will be displayed at the National Institute of Territorial and Urban Planning. This display is a calling for the oral exam.

The candidates will be summoned to appear before the jury to pass the oral exam, respecting the deadline for that.

The jury is composed of four Researchers- Professors who will assess the scientific skills and the professional experience of candidates. The oral test will have the same coefficient that each of the two written tests has (coefficient 1).

The final results of the exam will be obtained through ranking averages of the sum of the three notes (written and oral), which will determine the ranking list and the list of candidates in waiting.

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