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Presentation of INAU

Presentation of INAU

Legal status of INAU

The INAU, founded in 1981, is a training facility for executives in Territorial and urban planning (see bylaws). It is the only training institution in Morocco that deals with problems of spatial organization and the different policy instruments used in it. L’INAU, crée en 1981, est un établissement de formation de cadres supérieurs en aménagement et urbanisme.

The INAU is classified as category "A" comprising the faculties and colleges of higher education in Morocco (Mohammedia School of Engineering, School Hassania Construction, Agricultural and Veterinary Institute Hassan II, etc..).

It is legally under the supervision of the government department which is responsible for Urban Affairs and Planning (currently, the Ministry of Housing, Urbanism and Territorial Planning).

The Institute headquarters is located in Rabat, in Boulevard Allal Al Fassi, Madinat Al Irfane - Rabat Institutes (see map)

Missions of INAU

  • Training for senior managers and practitioners of urban and territorial planning (see graduation year).
  • Completion of studies on the behalf of government, agencies and public services and local authorities.
  • The commitment of research programs in the areas of planning and urban design.

Training in INAU

Admission to High Studies in INAU takes place through a competition open to candidates holding a diploma of higher education (giving access to level 10 or more ) and justifying four years of active service in the public or private sector.

Training has a multidisciplinary focus on management issues, town planning and environment. It includes a theoretical part (lectures and seminars) and a practical component (Practicum and researches).

Teaching is sanctioned at the end of two years of study and after submitting a thesis or project by the delivery of the Diploma of Higher Studies in Territorial and Urban Planning (DESAU).

Studies and research in INAU

Studies and Research in Territorial Urban Planning and Environment is the second part of the mission of INAU.

This activity falls within the Centre of Studies and Research in Territorial and Urban Planning (CERAU).

On one hand the center contributes to the training of students by introducing them to practice on operational projects and on the other hand the center aims to be an engineering public service of departments, local authorities, urban agencies, government and international agencies.

INAU resources

Human resources :

The staff strength in INAU reaches 53 persons; which is divided as follows :

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