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Research : Organizational mode

The development of scientific research has always been an important task assumed by INAU / CERAU. The latter and since its creation has continued to mobilize its human and material resources to promote this activity and make the institution and the center reference for scientific research in general and particularly in disciplines related to the territorial and urban planning.

For this reason, ongoing research structures have been established within the CERAU. These structures are called Units of Study and Research (EBU) which constitute research platforms that include both faculty members and researchers of INAU.

Also, and as part of its commitment to be more open to the world of scientific research at the national and international level, INAU has developed in recent years new forms of research that are based on action research and partnership research.

Thus, research is organized at the level of CERAU within UER (Units of Study and Research) and Research / Action.

The UER :

The mode of organization by the UER is dictated by a fundamental need for efficiency and high scale economics through stable structures that can contribute to the emergence of an institutional identity and a collective space for reflection on planning issues.

The UER is created by a decision of the Director of INAU which is proposed by the Director of CERAU after consulting the Scientific Council.

Each unit of study and research must consist of a minimum of three teachers - researchers INAU.

The UER is responsible for :

  • Participation in the development of curriculum and research ;
  • The implementation of the research program ;
  • The conduct of study ;
  • Supervision of research students ;
  • The management program of scientific activities ;
  • The publications of research results ;
  • The development of interdisciplinary work ;
  • The development of partnership and network research.

Thèmes majeurs abordés dans le cadre des UER :

Le programme actuel de recherche aborde cinq thèmes majeurs, à savoir :

  • Projet 1 : Planification et gestion urbaine : acteurs, enjeux et instrument.
  • Projet 2 : Politique par le Bas et Territoire(s) Urbain(s) au Maroc.
  • Projet 3 : Réseaux Techniques, Territoires et Société.
  • Projet 4 : Systèmes productifs, infrastructures de réseau et territoires.
  • Projet 5 : Infrastructures et équipements en milieu rural : Logiques des acteurs.

Action research :

New forms of scientific research have been undertaken by INAU: action research.

With its desire to be more open to the world of research nationally and internationally and to participate in discussions and actions taken by the ministry, INAU via the CERAU has been committed since 2000 in new forms of research.

Focusing mainly on the promotion of action research and collaborative research, these new forms can respond to operational concerns and mobilize a range of research laboratories working on shared national and international themes. It is within this framework that new research projects were implemented within the CERAU, which include :

  • The FSP project: Make town (s) in the periphery : Territories and territoriality in the great cities of the Maghreb.
  • The proposed multilateral partnership: Urban agriculture as an integrating factor of Urban Development : the outskirts of Casablanca as a case of study.
  • Working groups: Interdepartmental working groups on new approaches of Planning.

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