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Information and Communication Service

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The information and communication service plays the communication function in association with all components of INAU.


  • Proposing, participating, and performing communication functions ;
  • Ensuring the processing and dissemination of information of INAU: activities and production.


  • Multimedia Communications
    • making photos and tapes of the various events of INAU;
    • creation and updating of the web-site.
  • Publishing and disseminating information
  • Diffusing information in the form of papers or electronic files including :

    • publications (internal and external newsletters, review, etc ...),
    • scientific publishing products (reports, memoranda, training reports ... etc.)
  • Logistics editorial
  • Produce the documentation media for events (posters, brochures, handbooks, programs ... etc.)..

Scientific events

Dans le cadre de l'ouverture de l'INAU sur son environnement, une série de manifestations scientifiques et culturelles a été organisée :

  • Seminars
  • Colloquiums
  • Conferences
  • Days
  • Roundtables
  • Exhibition

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